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New drilling rig

In 2008, our Company has bought a new Drilling Rig. With this investment, it became possible to enter to the area of deeper Geothermal Wells. The Rig was made in Italy by Drillmec. Its exact type is Drillmec MR 8000 has a Hook Load Capacity of 200 T and a Mast Height of 36 m. The driving power of the Draw Works is 1050 HP.

We have completed the Unterföhring Geothermal Project. Our Client uses the Geothermal Energy to heat the place.


After the completion of this Project, we have developed our Rig. A new Top Drive and two Mud Pumps all manufactured by Drillmec were put into operation. With this development, the Rig became suitable for drilling deeper horizontal Wells. For the next Project exactly the newly installed equipments were required. In Ismaning we have drilled two deep horizontal Wells, one of them was more than 4000 m deep.
We have completed a Geothermal Project in Switzerland. This is the first really successful Swiss Thermal Well which is used for Agriculture.
We have currently completed a Geothermal Project with great success for the company FRUTURA in Styria, Austria. The two Wells we have drilled are used also for Agriculture and became the Best Geothermal Doublet in Austria.