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Ou company TOP-THERMAL Vízépítő és Kereskedelmi Kft. (TOP-THERMAL Waterbuilder and Trading Ltd) was established on June 1, 1997.

Our activity spreads over the whole territory of Hungary. In our projects wells are built with the modernest structures and of the best materials. To the rotary drilling technology a closed mud-system is added which - apart from the environmental consideration – means stratum-protectional advantages. The technical string is cemented over the storing level and we build in the high performance strainer strings after the water-bearing strata are widen. Our wells are constructed with modern Johnson strainers which we supply with gravel. These technologies of well construction and drilling can result in great increase of runoff and lifespan.

Our company went through a remarkable development in 1998 when we introduced the air-rinse drilling method which had pretentions of over twenty million forints. Thanks for this high-technology equipment we got into a special segment of the drilling market. The success of this investment was proved even in that very year.

The main guarantee for an excellent quality is our team of technical managers who bear with great professional skills. This team is able to hold the activities together from the planning to the completion of the work.

Most members of our physical staff are skilled workers with several years of professional past. The advanced managers have over 15-20 years of direct executional and management experience.

These days our company devote a great deal of energy to the management and organization of the thermal projects our Austrian affiliated company (Top-Thermal GmbH) has won in the EU countries.

In May 2016 we acquired the SCCP quality certificate. Download

Senior technical manager: Zoltán Tóth