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Other references

Our firm took part in the "stashing of perspective and active waterbases" project. The aim was the stashing and continuous maintenance of the perspective and active waterbases in order that until the final development a deterioration of neither quantity nor quality should ensue.

In the course of this project the following waterbases were opened up:

Csemő, Magyardombegyház, Bánkút, Kisgyőr, Drávapart, Csákánydoroszló, Vát, Perkupa, Kémes, Magyaregregy, Kisgyőr-Szalonna, Sopronkőhida-Fertőrákos, Körmend, Újkígyós, Lőkösháza-Kevermes, Mezőhegyes, Ikervár, Pécs, Sárisáp, Vásárosnamény, Szombathely.

The above task formed most of our activity in 1998 and 1999. The number of wells we sank was near a hundred.

In year 2001 our company held together the construction works of Zalaegerszeg City Thermal Bath (2nd session) as a planner and planning works manager and we managed the water judiciary authorization of the 1st session.

In spring 2001 the children's pools were built which function with modern, non-chloric (DEWAN-50) disinfection system.

In the beginning of year 2002 we applied successfully for the reconstructional planning of Makó Városi Távfűtés (City District-Heating of Makó). The point of this project was to enable the user to press back the thermal water that had been used for district-heating into the deep stratum. This task was made rather difficult by the fact that in the region of Makó formations of absolute swallowing capacity lie in great depth. The problem was solved with a 1700 m deep well. The project included the reconstruction of the existing system, the superficial conduction of the exploited thermal water from the producing well through the water operator to the heat exchanger, then into the backram well with the help of a backram pump yard.

Furthermore, we planned the complex reconstruction of the open-air swimming pool in Pásztó, covering the pool and reconstructing all the engineering solutions. Risen to be a PHARE investment these plans must be redrafted to meet the EU regulations.

The most important planning task in 2003 and 2004 was to prepare the complex plans for a greenfield investment, the Celldömölk Vulkánfürdő (Volcano Bath of Celldömölk).